Jabaljarri Arts & Merchandie

Welcome to Jabaljarri Arts & Merchandize, a vibrant hub of creativity and cultural celebration rooted in the rich tapestry of Australian Aboriginal art. At the heart of our collection lies the visionary work of artist Steven Jabaljarri Sutton, a master storyteller who intricately weaves ancient traditions into contemporary masterpieces.

Meet Steve.

Enter the vibrant world of Steven Jabaljarri Sutton, a Darwin-born artist whose creative journey weaves through the vast landscapes of the Northern Territory and East Kimberley. Growing up in the heart of Tenant Creek, Steve's artistic odyssey began at the tender age of 16, a passion that later led him to the artistic haven of Kununurra. Recently, he circled back to Tenant Creek, drawn by the magnetic pull of familial ties.

Steve's artistic genius lies in the fusion of two traditional painting styles, resulting in a strikingly contemporary oeuvre. The intricate crosshatching mirrors his Grandmother's country, echoing the landscapes of the Roper River region. Rooted in Jawoyn traditional lands spanning 50,000 square kilometers, Steve inherited the mesmerizing 'dot' style from his family, a technique now globally synonymous with Australian Aboriginal Art.

Beyond the canvas, Steve paints for the sheer joy it brings him, creating a shared space where people unite in their appreciation for Aboriginal art and narratives. A cultural custodian, Steve aspires to ignite the creative flame in young Aboriginal artists, encouraging them to articulate their beliefs, values, and cultural heritage through the language of art.

With three solo exhibitions illuminating Brisbane's art scene, Steve's brilliance extends to the hallowed halls of the National Gallery in Canberra. His artistic legacy continues to evolve, a testament to the power of storytelling and the timeless beauty of Aboriginal art.